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Hope everyone had a good weekend! As usual, mine was pretty relaxing and low key. On more exciting news, next Saturday I will be traveling to Puerto Rico to spend time with my family. I’m blessed that I can go see them as often as I do because if not, I would get so homesick. I’ll be sure to keep blogging regularly and maybe do some fun stuff specifically about Puerto Rico!

  • I am totally obsessed with this youtube cooking channel! Watching them actually makes me really relaxed and happy! I also like the fact that there is a mix of traditional Japanese foods and things that anyone can easily make.
  • Would you take a pill that had the same effect as doing exercise? I would be lying if I said I wasn’t the least bit interested but it is always going to be more satisfying to do the work yourself.
  • From CollegeFashion, 5 innovative new beauty products that really work. I kind of want to save up and buy all of these!
  • Creepy crawler alert! I had no idea beetles came in mega jumbo size and if I ever saw one in person I would probably have about fifty heart attacks at once.
  • I can definitively relate to this one: why it’s ok not to have a drivers license. I’m sorry but driving gives me so much stress!
  • Very interesting! Apparently weight, color, and even the type of utensil you use can affect the taste of food.
  • Though I would make some tweaks to it (no lobster for me), this sounds so tasty and perfect for a picnic

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