Midweek Funnies!

Hey everyone! How’s your week going? As I mentioned before, I started a dietbet this week and so far everything has been going great. Of course it’s only been a couple days but it doesn’t hurt to start off strong. I’ve been focusing on eating more nutritionally dense foods and I’ve worked out every day. Knowing that there are tons of other people working to reach their goals certainly keeps me motivated! Anyways, enjoy the funnies! 


at home vs in public

ed, edd, and eddy

turtle detective

peacock dog

beaver and platypus

Happy Hump day everyone! 

Author: Xaichai

Marketing student by day and badass by night. She enjoys baking, writing and Disney movies featuring Elton John songs. She also has an addiction to anything sweet.

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  1. Hola! Solo para desearte una gran semana y que rebajes 7 lb MAS!!

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