Dr. StrangeJuice or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Fruits and Veggies

I have a confession to make: I tried a juice cleanse and failed MISERABLY.

It all started when we saw the documentary Fat Sick & Nearly Dead. It’s a really great interesting documentary that is basically about a guy that does a juice cleanse for 60 days straight. Incredible, right? He loses a ton of weight and becomes really freaking healthy. By the way, it’s on Netflix if anyone is interested in seeing it.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dying Documentary

You seriously need to check this out. It’ll change the way you see food.

So we’re totally pumped about juicing. Lose weight? Awesome! Get healthy? Oh yeah! So of course, we decide that we’re going to do a juice cleanse of our own. We decided on 10 days, no wait, we’ll start with 5 and then see how we feel. Though we should just buy enough for 3 days so we don’t have too much stuff all at once. We hadn’t even started and we’re already cracking.

Exercise Fail

First day rolls around and by that evening we were already calling it quits. Seriously, we didn’t even last a day. I was cranky, headachey, and I think it was also around that time of the month. Don’t worry though, not all was lost! When I found myself with a kitchen filled to the brim with fruits and veggies something wonderful happened. I actually ate more fruits and veggies. What a concept, huh!

Trying to do it right

I learned that first of all, I actually enjoyed juicing. I loved starting my day with fresh juice or even having one as a snack throughout the day. It was great for complimenting my day, just not as a main source of nutrition. The thought of all that produce going bad was like throwing money down the drain, so with that thought, I made a conscious effort to eat more fruit throughout the day. Sweet potatoes and beets were roasted. Kale chips were consumed. I made a delicious cucumber salad and used slices as chips with hummus and guacamole. Sure I also made cookies with the blueberries but no one’s perfect.


The point is, maybe fruits are still not my first choice but being healthy is about making conscious decisions. Once I had the stuff in front of me I actually ate and enjoyed more fruits and veggies than I had in a long time. You can’t assume that one day you’re just going to wake up craving a salad. Instead, you have to be proactive about what goes on your plate and in your stomach. So what if I sucked at doing a juice cleanse! It’s not about you failures but what you learn to help you succeed.

Author: Xaichai

Marketing student by day and badass by night. She enjoys baking, writing and Disney movies featuring Elton John songs. She also has an addiction to anything sweet.

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